Healing Beyond Expectations

I’ve been more than thrilled with the results of my sessions with Edd and Lihi.
I’ve been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for approximately 6 years and the pain and fatigue was something I had learn to live with. Also, I had neurological issues and diagnosed with left temporal lobe seizures, which I was told these seizures were constantly occurring and as a result I had lost most all of my sense of smell and at times I would have smell hallucinations, which I would have episodes of smelling a extremely strong floral fragrance that would last for a couple hours to a couple days.
Since I’m in my mid 60’s I have all kinds of minor daily aches and pains so neither of those health issues was the reason I was compelled to consider an energy session with Edd and Lihi. It was September of 2020 when I moved to a new place, I had overdone it with lifting and moving boxes and items and I woke up with sciatic pain on my left side. I could barely move and all the research I did and my friend who is a nurse said that I would have to physical therapy and management of the pain was all that I could do.
I had heard Lihi and Edd on a podcast, and originally wasn’t interested but the pain was so bad I figured I would try anything. And due to my rheumatoid disease during that time I was experiencing other intense joint pain and neuropathy in my feet. I had made an appointment for a private session with Edd and Lihi on a Monday. But on the Saturday preceding the appointment my family had come to visit and they all knew and could see that I was in extreme pain, but while we were chatting at around 6:30 PM, while sitting I felt a tingling, and suddenly all my pain was gone! I was a bit confused and said out loud, “Ah my pain just stopped, my hip and leg pain, my shoulder and my fatigue are just gone!” They were as baffled as I was, and I had no idea what happened.
But I still had the energy session with Edd and Lihi on Monday so I told them what had happened, and my severe pain was gone. Edd said that at times this might happen with some people and he recalled that he and Lihi had been discussing my upcoming appointment around that same time Saturday evening. It was like someone had flipped a switch the pain was gone.
After that first session I had about 10 days of feeling worse than when I went into the session. After going through those days of sleeping and resting a lot, I started to feel better and had normalized.
I had concluded that the 10 days was a result of a healing process and there was a lot of physical changes that had to happen and it was a part of the process.
I didn’t continue sessions for a couple months, because I didn’t have an urgent need for it and the cost was out of my budget. During that time I noticed my RA fatigue was less, my neuropathy in my feet was gone, my joint pain was minimal, and my sense of smell started to come back, in very short ‘blasts’.
The effects of the energy seemed to fade so I decided to schedule another private session. Now I attend every group session available and get private sessions as I can afford them.
Since I have continued, there have been amazing results, my RA fatigue, my neuropathy, my sense of smell has been continually getting stronger, my blood pressure is normal, my circulation and swelling are almost gone, and so many more things that I could go on and on, Also, the one other thing that is different is my brain, I have a constant tingling in my head. The energy will move around from side to side, front to back and during an energy sessions my entire brain feels like it’s expanding , the tingling sensation is so strong!
I’ve been telling everyone I know to try this. Open your mind and heal!


Colors of energy

During a group session, I saw in minds eye, the energy pulses coming towards us. It was pure white geometric oval. Then, as the other waves of energy continued flowing; were a combination of indigo and pink. Very powerful! Highly recommend. Energy went right to areas in need.


A future testimony

Thank you for the future healing that I have received. I am speaking it into manifestation. This is why I am thanking you now. My journey has gotten so challenging. I have lost my way to secure steady income at the job I am supposed to be doing. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for helping me get passed a mother who suffered from Munchausen bi proxy. Thank you for helping me release the trauma from my art teacher did to me. Your spiritual work transends time and space. Blessings and appreciation

Elana Sunita Dewey

Neuropathy and Cellulitis Relief

I have had numbness in both legs when reclining for several years. After the last two Neuropathy Relief sessions I no longer feel any numbness In both legs and feet. Also after the last session pain and tissue inflammation from cellulitis (thigh to mid calf) left leg has completely resolved…no pain or inflammation noted. B.I.R.E. works to relieve pain, inflammation, and numbness,


Catching The Waves

If you haven’t tried catching the wave with Edd and Lihi you are missing out. I had the privilege of meeting Edd
back when he first came to Wisconsin. I am excited to see the blended energy of these gifted souls. Join in their
energy Zoom meetings and it will be hard to stay away. The experience is always life altering. I thank you and
look forward to more waves in the future.

Kathe Gaarde

Group- Self Meeting Self

Your transmission of Energy was amazing. I felt the energy in entire body especially strong in core and around head. The energy goes where I need it to go to improve symptoms. Body much more relaxed and numbness in legs much improved.
Thank you Edd and Lihi.



Hello, me again Emily ( the one who missed the Reveal Your Self to Your Self session) . I was wondering if Lihi do you do private sessions ? or Edd do you do private sessions ? or together ?
Let me know when you get a chance.
Thanks Emily

Emily McKiver

Balanced Energy Restoration

I have had several sessions with Edd and Lihi. I can feel the energy and the effect of having more lifeforce. It is subtle but important.

Since I have had a couple sessions after my experiences with Edd alone, I appreciate the integration of the Divine Feminine with Edds Energy. I noticed that Edd’s energy level (if you can call it that) has significantly increased since working with Lihi The synchronicity of working with Lihi has benefited Edd and his work. Very pleased and grateful that Lihi chose to work with Edd and that we, the receivers, have benefited even more than ever receiving greater levels of energy Balanced with Masculine and Feminine. If you have not experienced Lihi’s energy work I would definitely recommend it.

Frank Kane

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts


I’ve made a comment already on Edd’s site, but I feel that I should send a special message to you.

Edd has been helping me with my neuropathy, yet your work brings it to a new level. Though I’m more like Edd in being science oriented, you, like my wife, bring in the complementary dimension to create a whole that’s larger than the 2 halves. It seems that this may be “old news” if we look at Yang and Yin, Shiva Shakti, and others, but it never hurts to emphasize important ideas.

I can only guess that the energy that you each create wil grow stronger as you move both spiritually and physically closer together. I’m looking forward to it!

Paul, MD, MS, MPH


The spiritual session with Lihi and Edd

The spiritual session with Lihi and Edd
was the most powerful energy flow experience I have ever had.
Usually during the energy sessions with Edd I feel a different level of tingling in my hands and feet but when Lihi resonated with Ed I felt a wave of love and peace washing over me…almost like my body was floating in the air.
What a beautiful gift you are sharing.
Thank you.


An undeniable experience

When I first discovered Edd’s and Lihi’s group, I immediately resonated with the energies. Edd offers factual science based masculine energy that is complimented so well with Lihi’s feminine, receptive and intuitive side. The union that the two share energetically without a doubt was timely for me and aided my own union of masculine and feminine energies within me. Afterwards a buzzing always courses through my right foot, and I’ve noticed that even the morning before a group session, my right foot will buzz all day long. Already getting in sync with the energies that these two co create with the group. There has been countless other confirmations and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself! A thousand times thank you Edd and Lihi~!


Bless you Edd and Lihi

 The experience with you two was amazing, I loved hearing everyone else it felt like instant family, Bless u edd and lihi for helping to keep us safe by cranking up our energy.. you 2 were made in heaven and are a blessing for of us in need. Thank you 


You made Mom smile

Thank you Edd and Lihi! Mom finally felt a little tingling when you both cranked up the electricity and Mom smiled and that just made my day. Both of you are so special and the most wonderful combined energies that could ever come to be. Lots of Love to both of you


Peace and relaxation

Thank you Edd Edwards and Lihi t. Introp. That was wonderful experience! I must be wired backwards, lol, Looking forward to the next Spiritual meeting to experience your combined energy as I have never felt such peace and relaxation as I did from your combined Feminine and Masculine Energies


I’m especially drawn to Lihi’s spiritual group

I always sway when I read your posts. Either conditioning or actual energy movement, who knows. Neuropathy (Neurological) group sounds like something I would be interested in. Actually, just about every energy group you mentioned would be beneficial. I’m especially drawn to Lihi’s spiritual group. I assume you are back in Georgia. Welcome home, Edd.


Experience with Edd Edwards & Lihi T. Introp

Every time I’ve worked with Edd, My body moved exactly as he told me it would. Then he met Lihi and it got much stronger and smoothed him out. I don’t quite understand the process, but they were definitely able to move my energy and my body followed. He and Lihi have always been very generous and helpful as well as I met him in hopes to reverse some health issues I was battling. I highly recommend Edd and Lihi.

Erin Farley

I have known Edd and Lihi

I have known Edd for over a half a dozen years. I very much enjoy his friendship and the wonderful healing energy work he has shared with my family. Including my dogs Lola & Kiwi and through/with his sweet dog Sangi. Though I must say once he partnered with Lihi, a whole broader, higher, more expansive level became evident … and real. I feel Lihi ‘s healing addition as encompassing the whole person – yes body (my knee is thankfully healed!) but also emotional and spiritual – – from which most of our physical ailments start! Ergo, very very important! Lihi has such a strong heart-centered energy that is very healing on all planes/bodies. And she brings such a clearly feminine but strong/high intelligence Power to the picture. Yes, 1 plus 1 equals two. But Edd plus Lihi equals 3+

Lily Gruver

Most Amazing Feminine and Masculine combined Ever

Hi, when is the next Edd/Lihi Zoom? I joined 3 weeks ago and it was amazing! If you haven’t already experienced it man I highly recommend it! I really can’t wait for the next one!


Lihi and Edd’s combined spiritual room

It proved to be a very pleasant and cohesive group experience — with as much of a relaxing vibe as ever — plus a more playful aspect added in than I’ve noticed in past group rooms.Many thanks to Edd and Lihi and all participants who added their hearts and energies to the undertaking.


Learning Beginner B.I.R.E Skills from Edd — and welcoming Lihi’s contributions

I began following Edd Edwards nearly four years ago, and have used the techniques he teaches to successfully relieve minor to moderate pain from headaches, back pain, sprained ankle, and toothache.
Since Edd met Lihi in spring 2019, her “feminine” aspect has both boosted and smoothed the qualities of the energy they offer in our Zoom Room activations. I leave our activations feeling physically relaxed and free of any minor discomforts I brought into the Room.
Get to know Edd through the 15 minute intro to his Beginner pay-per-view video. You can find out more about the scientific studies in which he has participated at his website: eddedwards.com
I look forward to advanced level classes coming soon!