Edd was just recently featured on the Ancient Aliens tv show on the History Channel on the episode called The Alien Brain for the research that The Rhine Research Center has been doing on me for the last decade. Below is the link to the program.


  Prior and in conjunction with the ongoing studies on me in the Bio Energy Emissions Lab at the Rhine, I have been associated and under formal studies in other areas. me in brief , 25 years of research into what I have learned to do and now teach . 25 years of formal clinical studies into how my brains operating differently from other humans , statistical studies involving instrumentation designed to study quantum energy , PK , Bio Photons, Bio-Energy.

1994 to 2008 with Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, with Dr. W. C. Levengood and Dr. John Gedye , first published paper in the ISSSEEM Journals , published in 1997 called “Evidence for Charged Density Pulses Associated with Bio Electric Fields in Living Organisms”  


 1997 to 2002, with Charlie Plyler of the E.L.F.R.A.D. Group that jointly studied me in conjunction with Pinelandia Lab. To give corresponding data during the non local events that I would generate with my higher brain functions and send them worldwide with 43 different locations scattered around the planet collecting the data as I would pulse my energy out.  

2008 to present With the Bio Energy Emissions Lab , at the Rhine Research Center, in Durham North Carolina, started with Dr. Steve Baumann, Dr Bill Joines of the Electrical and computer science engineering of Duke University and John Kruth now Dir. of the Rhine where they study me glowing in the bio-photons lab ,, effecting the random number generator in the lab and hundreds of miles away running the experiments through Skype and they been documenting all that I am able to do and publishing them reports.  


  Here is a short video from the Rhine that is mostly about their studies of me.


 2015 to present University of Virginia, Division of Perceptual Studies by Dr. Ross Dunseath and Dr. Edward Kelly advanced EEG brain mapping, listen to interview below to learn what they have learned about how my brain is operating differently.. Below is a shortened video of Dr. Ross Dunseath installing the EEG cap on my head which normaly takes over an hour which I shorted down to 8 minutes and replaced the audio track where Ross was being interviewed on a radio program talking about what he has learned about how my brain is operating.


 2017 to present , The New Energy Body Research Lab, at The Monroe Institute professional research division, in association with the DOPS Lab at UVA with Dr. Ross Dunseath in the Copper Wall Array lab. In this lab we are just getting it up and running and they are molding the protocols after what I have repeatedly proven I can do , like increasing my body voltage over 70 volts DC and my new feminine energy partner Lihi to over 50 volts DC. Below is a short paper published in the Monroe Institute Journals.