Hello everyone come learn about the most important meeting in our modern day culture. A meeting that had to be planned in the cosmos many years past that is having the most pronounced happenings in the field of Human Biofield Energy control and used for advanced Energy Healing Activations in other people by the joining of pure Feminine and Masculine energy beings.

   This meeting has combined the most awakened Energetic Beings on our planet to date. Two humans with totally different backgrounds to ever come together in union. Our meeting and combining our energies will transform the way everyone will understand our place here on Earth. 

                            How we Met


May 23rd 2019, I was in New York City and a mutual friend of ours had invited me to go to a lecture The Future Human , a few blocks from where I was staying . He also invited Lihi although neither of us had any knowledge of the other.

     I arrived at the lecture early and our friend wanted me to do some energy work on the audience while a lady was playing singing bowls and when we were done I moved to the back of the audience during  the lecture. While I was in the back I started noticing the low level radiant flickering of light energy on the high ceiling above the audience and I could feel an interesting energy. When the talk was over and I was standing near the door talking to our friend , Lihi and a friend of hers walked by me and the energy gave me a push from 4 feet away, like I do when I demonstrate this effect in lectures. As Lihi and her friend walked out the door onto NYC street , the energy in the room totally disappeared.
   Immediately I went out the door following them up the street where several of the group had invited me to come and I was not sure which one of the ladies , Lihi or her friend. At that point she was radiating this energy until I followed them into the spanish restaurant in Tribeca. when we got to the long table they split and the energy from Lihi locked on to my energy in nothing short of a “God Spoken Way” and pulled me to sit beside her.

    I sat there by Lihi just tingling like crazy from the amount of energy she was naturally emitting. I looked at her and just asked if she was aware of the energy coming from her and she said yes to a degree. I then asked if she knew how to turn it on and off and control it and she said not exactly like that and I asked her if it would be ok to show her what I could do and she said Yes.

     I increased the electrical voltage in my body and connected with hers and everything else in that restaurant turned into low level chatter.  As I became aware,  it was as if I have known here all my life. From that point on we have been cultivating our purpose here where we are, sharing the pure divine Feminine and Masculine energy awareness, directly from Source.

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