Sessions for individuals 

During her private sessions Lihi works with you energetically on multi-dimensional levels and caters to your personal needs and healing.  As a licensed clinical therapist she is able to work with you on a psychological and spiritual level in order for alignment to take place.  She is a conduit of transcendence and meets you where you presently are as a reflection of your true knowing…an opportunity to see and move beyond what you are transforming in Life right now.  She integrates and harmonizes the lower levels of consciousness with the higher levels of consciousness bringing your unseen potential to fruition. 

45  minutes $149.95 per session.                                20 minutes $79.95 per session 

Sessions for couples
Lihi works with couples who have a desire to come together and reignite the attraction and purity of their love for one another. Life stressors and circumstances have a tendency to divide and separate us forgetting why we came together in the first place.  With her Pure Feminine essence she nurtures and heals as she transforms old defense mechanisms and fears bringing a higher resonance of love for yourself and each other. This enables you to navigate together in a brand new way bringing renewal and intimacy in your relationship. 

45 to 55 minutes $224.95

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